Simple Copy Creator Software Review

11 Nov 2016 15:58

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This software allows you to write a high-converting sales letter in 30 minutes or less! Works in any niche.
Simple Copy Creator is an online software that simplifies the copy-writing process for sales letters, based off of Temper Thompson’s best converting sales letters. To put it simply – this software is based copy that’s already proven to work.
Not only will this software help you write the copy, but it will also design your sales page for you! The design is based off of sales pages with tested & proven-to-convert formatting.
Compared to hiring expensive copywriters & spending weeks writing your own sales copy, this software is a perfect alternative! Not only is it a time saver and a money saver, but it’s also based off copy that’s already proven to work.
This software is quick, simple & straight to-the-point. Simple Copy Creator Software RevieW:

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