vMarketerPro Video Creation and Marketing Software

23 Nov 2016 14:37

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vMarketerPro is a cloud-based video creation and marketing software that allows users to quickly create professional marketing videos and promote them within Google and Youtube (as well as Facebook).

Our solid platform guides users through a simple process of adding images, video footage, text, branded logo, voice-over and background music to create slick videos that can be used for ANY purpose.

vMarketerPro Review – Features

Supreme Ranking Capabilities

vMarketerPro has additional built-in features and modules. One of these modules includes unique, tried and tested “Optimization” features that helps users to rank their videos highly in both Google and Youtube. vMarketerPro also includes a number of keyword research and competition analysis features that allow users to identify “Easy to rank” keywords and products.

Create 10 Times the Videos, Rankings and Results with 18 Seconds Additional Work

vMarketerPro has a built-in “Duplication” feature that allows users to create up to 10 different versions of their main video. These additional videos retain the quality of the main video whilst changing the visual and audio footprint as well as the length. Our system can also publish and rank each of these videos during this lightning fast process, targeting different niche keywords.

Create Videos

Instantly create high quality marketing videos using a simple step by step process on a cloud-based platform.

Rank on Google

Rank your newly created videos on Google’s first page for massive exposure, views and INCOME.


Videos Create and rank videos for your OWN products and services, your client’s products and services or even to promote affiliate offers. You can use vMarketerPro for literally any purpose.

Cloud-Based Software

vMarketerPro is cloud-based software meaning you can use it on both Mac and PC via a browser from anywhere in the world.

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