Humalytics Review

08 Dec 2016 14:41

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Humalytics is the all-NEW Innovative “Human Metrics” technology that measures the emotional response, facial expressions and reactions from REAL people who watch your videos to help you PREDICT and CONVERT more viewers into paying customers & save TONS of cash wasted in unproductive video marketing.

Attention Measurement

Measure total attention time, number of glances away, blink detection, and attention span right down to the specific second.

Facial Expression Detection

Detect and uncover viewer facial expressions including smiles, frowns and other facial expressions that reveal how your audience is responding to your video.

Emotion Detection

Understand how your audience REALLY feels and interacts with your videos. Collect and measure human metrics like: Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Surprise, Boredom…and more!

Gender & Age Smart Detection

Detect viewer gender and approximate age and see to which demographic group your video performs better with. Then use these insight to generate TONS of clicks and sales through things like Facebook video advertising.

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