Sinfiltrator Review

26 Feb 2016 13:14

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Sinfiltrator Review – What is it?

Sinfiltrator FE is a complete Training + Software package. The Software is an advanced jacking software that allows you to place YOUR call to action over the top of ANY other page on the intranet. So you can take Wikipedia, or Microsoft, or any other website and place your optin form, button, video, scarcity bar or clickable image on that website.

After you do that you can share a special encoded link in forums, FB groups, anywhere else you want. You will provide anyone who clicks that link with valuable information contained on that webpage (such as tips, articles, top 10 lists etc). And at the time which you specify, YOUR call to action will appear on that website. What does this mean? Well, to the visitor it will look like that call to action belongs to the destination website, however YOU will collect all clicks, optins, and commissions.

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