LeadMints Review

25 Jan 2017 18:06

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LeadMints allows you to utilize engaging content that already exists in order to drive traffic and increase conversions of your related products/services. In other words – you get the sales without creating the content.

LeadMints will allow you to take advantage of engaging, quality content already available on the Internet, you can spend less time trying to create content creation, and instead concentrate on what matters – making money.

Viral Sharing: You can have multiple viral share actions to make your competions go viral resulting in leads and sales for CPA, Affiliate, or Product Offers.

Track Visitors: Track every action your visitor takes, this will help to understand and also notice any potential patterns you see happening with different offers

Campaigns: Build as many campaigns and Competions as you need!

Social Features: Add directly to Facebook as a TAB, and to your other major social media accounts.


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