Security Masterclass Review

12 Apr 2017 14:13

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Security Masterclass is a Fully Automated Webinar Event that plays “as Live” so can be accessed by attendees each and everyday.

It is a tried and proven to convert training webinar that we recorded live and converted into an Automated Event. Security Masterclass Review

The training in the webinar shares some valuable tips on how to make WordPress more Secure and my own personal story of how I had 7 of my websites hacked when I first started online.

The offer is for our own in-house WordPress Back-Up and Restore Software + Bonus Step-by-Step Security Training which comprises of 30 Easy to Follow Videos. Both are Delivered via a Private Members Area in a very Professional Way.

This is a tried and proven offer that delivers real value to attendees and is something that every website owner needs to make their sites safer and more secure.

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