My IM Toolbox Review

27 Apr 2017 12:52

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My IM Toolbox is a cross platform desktop application that runs on:

Windows, MAC, and Linux allows you to cover all bases. Knowing you won’t leave any potential customers out.

The application has 5 modules by default:

KeyReaper: Pull hundreds of keywords that people are actually searching for.

Link Tracking: Your subscribers will have the ability to track clicks, create conversion pixels and callback URLs, view conversion reports, and click reports. Export the data to CSV.

All from one dashboard.

This module alone, would cost them $47 per month at a minimum, with any other service.

Landing Pages: Do you know what the problem is with most landing page builders?

They leave it up to you to determine what works.

We have a different approach to this. Our landing page layouts are proven to work. The user need only fill in the content. The layout, and design is already proven, so they do not have to come up with design ideas, and wast more time, and effort.

Article Builder: The article builder takes a unique approach to making content for your sites.
You base the content off snippets or already ranking content. Content that ranks for similar keyword phrases, as those you are attempting to rank for.
The content is then broken down to the sentence level, juggled, and re-assembled. Automatic spinning is also available. You won’t believe the effect this has on ranking sites!

IndexZor: The IndexZor module is simply awesome. Your list subscribers will no longer have issues getting their site links indexed.

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