360 VIDEO Review & Bouns

26 Mar 2016 01:19

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360 VIDEO Review

360 VIDEO Review - What is it?

360 Video is a brand new technology that can help marketers make their videos standout in the market like NEVER
Greatly increase video engagement
Amaze visitors with this new video concept
Create a lifelike effect by making viewers feel as if they are in the video
Give awesome tours of your home, vacation spots, and experiences
Allow users to have complete control of what they see in the video, without needing to even move your camera, so they can see what they want, when they want
Record seminars, presentations, and more in full 360 degrees.
360 Video Features

Here is a complete list of features 360 Video offers:
Automatically stitch and create 360 degree videos
Automatically stitch and create 360 degree images
Drag and drop interface and timeline
Supports .mp4 and .mov video formats
Supports .jpg and .png formats
Fully compatible with YouTube and Facebook
Includes a custom 360 video player
Synchronize motion and audio
Products prices

Personally I think is a very unique product, the price of $997 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I will definitely sign up for himself a product like this, right?
Our front end product is a high ticket, $997 product that includes everything you'll need to create and host 360 degree videos.
We use a very powerful webinar at the front end that provides some awesome value and brings people into the sales funnel.
This webinar is a conversion machine and will easily convert people into high paying customers.

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